Donor Profiles

Our donors are as a diverse as our community. Here are profiles of three different donors, with different donor strategies, interests and objectives.
Yolanda & Frances Bruno
The Glassberg/Staines Family
Yolanda & Francis Bruno

Community activists
Giving vehicle: Donor-advised fund with The Columbia Foundation, Howard County’s community foundation

Giving interests: Helping organizations that support women in crisis situations

“I’ve always been active in local politics and the women’s movement,” Yolanda Bruno explains, “And I want to help women whose circumstances are holding them back from achieving their goals.” After investigating starting her own family foundation, Yolanda ended up talking with The Columbia Foundation, Howard County’s community foundation.

A donor-advised fund with the Foundation turned out to be the perfect solution for Yolanda and her husband Bruno. As she put it: “Executive Director Barbara Lawson has her pulse on what’s going on in the county. She alerts me to organizations addressing the issues I consider important. Otherwise, I’d have to do the research to determine where my money is needed and where it could do the most good.” In addition, by starting a fund with the Foundation, the Brunos eliminated all the IRS regulations and paperwork related to family foundations.

The Brunos rely on The Columbia Foundation to connect them with Howard County’s charitable organizations needing either immediate or more long-term assistance. For instance, the Domestic Violence Center may ask the Bruno fund to provide the security deposit a woman needs to move to her own apartment and escape an abusive relationship. Or the fund may help women pay for childcare while they get training or a degree through the local community college.

Yolanda sees their fund as allowing them to make a difference one woman at a time. “It’s not always a large amount of money that’s needed to solve a problem,” she says. “But there isn’t always a program available to provide funding for such situations. This donor-advised fund will fill the gap. It’s just the kind of giving that I want to do.”

The Glassberg/Staines Family

Intergenerational Giving…A Family Affair
Giving Vehicles: Unrestricted funds, Leslie and Frederick Glassberg Family Fund, Abby Glassberg and Frank Staines Fund

Giving…In Their Own Words: “Giving Is a Natural Thing”

Image: (Clockwise from left) The Glassberg/Staines Family: Fred, Abby, Leslie, Frank, Isabelle and Sylvie

To all of us in our family giving is a natural thing. Both Fred and Leslie were brought up in homes where the importance of participating in civic and religious organizations was part of every day life. We learned that money was not the only resource, but that time, knowledge and commitment were necessary as well. Those traditions have been handed down to all of our children and here in Howard County to Abby. We give to a variety of causes. but our interests are primarily in our community, and that s why we established a permanent endowment at Howard County’s community foundation, The Columbia Foundation.

Abby became part of The Columbia Foundation Board following in her father’s footsteps. Fred has been an active supporter for many years and has served on various committees. Abby is the first “second generation” member of the Foundation’s board.

For Fred, his most thrilling moments occurred when as a young man he taught swimming to a group of polio victims who were in various stages of paralysis. One woman was not able to move anything but her fingers, yet by the end of the summer she was able to swim the length of a pool.

For Leslie, a highlight was during the Poor Peoples March on Washington in 1968 when she and the other teachers from the Green Acres School in Rockville spent days in the tents. Leslie who was a music teacher at the time, remembers learning more than she taught.

Abby thinks about The Birthday Club that she set up to encourage giving and
to honor and memorialize children born at Howard County General Hospital. Her special memory is seeing a family who had a place to memorialize their baby at the Wall of Stars.

The Glassberg/ Staines family-Frank, Abby, Isabelle and Sylvie-participates in Special Olympics and the road cleanup crew of Beth Shalom Synagogue. It is interesting to note that Abby and Frank met while both were active as Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA Baltimore). Their giving includes the South Baltimore Homeless Shelter and Howard County General Hospital. Abby is on the Howard County Community College Grand Prix Board which raises money for the scholarship program and was on the Shock Trauma Gala Committee.

Among the many community organizations that Fred has participated in are Winter Growth, Howard County School Volunteer Programs and Virtu Foundation (an organization that provides stringed instruments for budding musicians).

Leslie is a member of the board of Family Life Center at Wilde Lake that is part of Family and Children’s Services of Central Maryland. She has been on the Howard County General Hospital Board and president of the Alumnae Association of Bryn Mawr College and on the Board of Trustees.

Our family knows that giving includes a commitment of money and personal involvement. A permanent endowment with The Columbia Foundation will on giving far into the future. Howard County is blessed to have a community foundation that meets the needs of the community today and tomorrow.

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